3D Restoration

FEEL – Pain fade away

Pain in one area is often the result of dysfunction in another in a different area within the body
Do you have a nagging injury that bothers you during exercise or do you have pain that is severe enough to significantly impact your daily life?

Our approach to restoring injuries starts with the understanding that all human movement is a 3D chain reaction. This means the motions in your foot determine the motions of the hip – that determine the motions of the spine and so on.

We know that pain in one area is often the result of dysfunction in another area within the body. This dysfunction is often related to restrictions in the connective tissue network that connect every muscle and structure within the body.

Our 3D Restoration strategies work by:

  • using specific techniques to free up and condition the restricted tissues
  • taking those problem areas through specific 3D mobility and flexibility exercises
  • purposefully moving your entire body in ways that reinforce the newly found, pain free motion

Train 4 The Game offers a wide variety of Essentials classes that can also be integrated with very specific Customized training.

With Customized training, while continually reinforcing your restoration strategies, our coaches are able to take into account your specific pain related issues and still deliver a workout that keeps you headed towards your goals.

In addition to Customized training, 3D Restore classes serve as additional opportunities to give your painful areas the amount of attention they need throughout the week.

The combination of Customized and 3D Restore sessions allow our clients to progress beyond their injuries and enable them to work more diligently towards whatever fitness goals they may have.

Clients we have helped restore