Train 4 the Game is a training facility located in the Westlake Hills area of Austin, Texas. Our clientele base includes both athlete and general population individuals who are all looking to achieve better performance in their athletic events and everyday lives. We train athletes of elementary, middle, and high school age as well as college and professional athletes. Our general population comes from all walks of life and all age ranges. Coaches work in 1-on-1, semi private, and large group settings for both athletes and general population. We operate in a 12,000 sq ft facility; a tour of which can be seen here. There you will see large open spaces including a 50 yard turf track, as well as unconventional training tools such as Sandbells, Keisers, ViPRs, Stretch Cages and more. The facility was designed specifically for our unique style of training, which is based on the principles and foundations of Applied Functional Sciences.

Our internship program is very robust and offers students both a practical and hands-on experience to training. The educational process during the semester is broken up into two primary components:

  • Training SciencesThroughout the semester, students will learn how T4TG is able to aggregate and organize a variety of training methodologies into programming that creates results.  From Applied Functional Science (AFS) to more conventional methods – Train 4 The Game systems integrate these strategies to help clients rehabilitate injuries, get in shape, and perform at new levels.
  • Coaching Sciences: The strategies shared within the coaching sciences are designed so that students will learn the fundamental techniques to executing a well-coached session.  We start with the most obvious and simple strategies but quickly move to make students aware of the subtle nuances that will lead and develop next level communication.  Remember that it doesn’t matter what you know if you are unable to communicate it.

We work with clients of all ages who want to be healthy, strong, live pain free, and play every day. Our 3 training markets include:

  • 3D Fitness
  • 3D Restoration
  • 3D Performance

This is a very selective and hands-on internship. High levels of enthusiasm, teamwork, excitement, curiosity and hustle are what we are looking for as you bring an open mind to our unique environment each day.  If you believe you have what it takes to become successful in this business and want to learn a differentiated approach – we invite you to apply!

Internship Details:

  • Spring: January 16th – May 13th
  • Summer: May 22nd – August 12th
  • Fall: August 28th – December 16th

If you are looking to fulfill an internship credit for school that requires a certain number of hours, we will help you meet that need. If you do not have any requirements, we ask that you work with us 12 to 18 hours a week.  Our program is flexible in helping to work around your school and employment schedules.

Please contact Chris Braden with further questions or interest at