Our Process

Devise a Strategy Based On:

Your Story

  • Tell us your body’s story
  • Where it’s been and what it’s done
  • How it feels now
  • What you want it to do, feel like, look like
  • And why you want that


Create a Gameplan

Your Customized Program:

  • Is goal driven to ensure you get where you want to be
  • Is based on a 3D Movement Evaluation used to identify where you are today
  • Is built to account for where your body currently is while constantly progressing towards where you want to be.

Your Essentials Class Gameplan:

  • Is largely determined by assessing which classes you will feel most successful and challenged in today
  • Is aided by a robust offering of classes that allow you to train on the best day and time that works for your schedule
  • Works in conjunction with your Customized program to help achieve your goals and make it all convenient to fit your needs

Detailed Instruction from University Educated and Experienced Coaches

Detailed Coaching


Providing you with the knowledge and tools to educate you about your body:

  • How it is put together
  • What makes it work optimally
  • What nourishes it
  • What Makes it feel Better

Everything you need to take care of yourself inside and outside of T4TG

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