3D Performance

PLAY – At Your New Best

Athletes must be able to move in all directions – through all three Planes of Motion (3D).

Can your athlete…?

    • Get and stay in the athletic base
    • Ward off other players to establish position with a strong core
    • Push through the ground for a quick first step
    • Explode in all directions (jumps, leaps, shuffles, crossovers, etc) out of the athletic base
    • Quickly accelerate past their first step
    • Create body angles for more effective cutting and reaction
    • Sustain these attributes to dominate their 3D space throughout the competition….without injury?

We program using these fundamental movements with variations of Speed, Range Of Motion, Direction, Body Position and Load.

We enhance and challenge their ability to perform these movements using sandbags, bands, dumbbells, ViPRs, medicine balls, pulleys, barbells, sleds, etc.

As the athlete matures and hormone profiles change, we include conventional – more load dominant training methods. However, we will always place a particular emphasis on movement quality and select exercises that have a high level of transferability to their sport.

Gone are the days when only bench pressing, squatting and sprinting would be considered adequate preparation.

Our 3D Performance Training System conditions athletes at all levels by developing:

1. Multi-directional Strength, Power, Acceleration, Speed and Agility
2. Injury Prevention through:

– tissue flexibility and mobility
– movement efficiency and coordination
– strength and stability at end ranges of motion

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