Scaling Function

July 20, 2015  | By train4thegame

You are a professional that has a desire to improve upon your skill set as well as sharpen the means by which you deliver your hard-earned knowledge. This is evident in the fact that you chose to open an article that you hoped would shed new light on a particular topic. You have this desire to become better because you care about your clients. You understand that your success is dependent upon theirs and that you must possess the ability to deliver solutions that they need. You know that consistently finding these solutions for your clients is the way you will create value and have a legitimate and sustainable business.

So, where do these solutions lie?

The answer is simple:


But, what is function really?

Solutions are found within function because it is, by definition, individual as well as task-specific. So, if you are designing programs to meet those two ends, then you are likely producing an environment where many of your clients are realizing almost all of their goals. But, as you already know, the only problem with this scenario is that the words “many” and “almost” can still not be good enough.

Most likely, due to your demonstrated desire to become better, you have at some point embarked on the journey to truly learn function. However, like many others you may have found the initial complexity a bit daunting and found yourself weighing the expenditure of precious resources like time and energy against the unknown value of such knowledge.

We at Train 4 The Game understand this journey well, as we are still on it, and have been for the past 18 years. We understand this is a road not to be traveled alone and have experienced the priceless assistance that a well-trained guide can provide. We also understand the immense value in this type of knowledge and its capability to deliver to both you and your clients.

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