Membership Agreement

We are handshake kinda folks at T4TG but have noticed a similar pattern of questions that revolve around your T4TG membership.

We Kindly Ask You To Sign Your Membership Agreement:

  • Please read the terms below
  • Login with your T4TG/MindBody credentials after clicking the link provided below
  • “Resolve” the agreement within the pop up window

Click here to log in and resolve agreement

Basic Terms

  • This is a 12 Month Membership
  • Dues are charged to start each month
  • Your full allotment of customized sessions are available for use anytime during the 12mo period.

Membership Pauses:

To ensure you have a top-notch staff ALL YEAR – we only pause memberships in the event of injury (i.e not for vacations, travel, etc.)

Membership Cancellation:

In the event you permanently move out of the Austin area – we hate to see you go but will gladly end your membership.

Answers to Frequent Questions:

  • Unused Customized sessions will be rolled over for an additional quarter (3mo) as long as a new adult T4TG (any type) membership is started without any lapse in time.
  • Additional Customized sessions can be purchased by 4pack in the event a client uses their full yearly allotment prior to the end of 12months.
  • Family Add-On Members are set up to share Custom sessions between family members accounts.
  • A customized session is considered a “Late Cancel” when cancelled within 12 hours of the start time.

Click here to log in and resolve agreement