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When: January 1st, 1970
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You are a professional that has a desire to improve upon your skill set as well as sharpen the means by which you deliver your hard-earned knowledge. This is evident in the fact that you chose to open an article that you hoped would shed new light on a particular topic. You have this desire to become better because you care about your clients. You understand that your success is dependent upon theirs and that you must possess the ability to deliver solutions that they need. You know that consistently finding these solutions for your clients is the way you will create value and have a legitimate and sustainable business.

So, where do these solutions lie?

The answer is simple:


But, what is function really?

Solutions are found within function because it is, by definition, individual as well as task-specific. So, if you are designing programs to meet those two ends, then you are likely producing an environment where many of your clients are realizing almost all of their goals. But, as you already know, the only problem with this scenario is that the words “many” and “almost” can still not be good enough.

Most likely, due to your demonstrated desire to become better, you have at some point embarked on the journey to truly learn function. However, like many others you may have found the initial complexity a bit daunting and found yourself weighing the expenditure of precious resources like time and energy against the unknown value of such knowledge.

We at Train 4 The Game understand this journey well, as we are still on it, and have been for the past 18 years. We understand this is a road not to be traveled alone and have experienced the priceless assistance that a well-trained guide can provide. We also understand the immense value in this type of knowledge and its capability to deliver to both you and your clients.

Knowledge of true function is capable of bringing value, but must be put into practice in order to deliver functionally driven solutions. Admittedly, this can be tricky and is another bump in the road that keeps many people from being able to utilize what they have learned. They may have learned enough chain reaction biomechanics to feel comfortable utilizing their new skills in a one on one setting, but have not grasped the most effective way to do so in a multi-person environment.

At Train 4 The Game, we operate a business and understand that you cannot afford to experiment with your livelihood. We understand that there are only two ways to make more money in training – charging more and/or training a greater number of clients per hour. At first glance this truth of business might seem inconsistent with the definition of function. Thus, the question becomes how we deliver functional (individual and task-specific) training programs in multi person sessions without sacrificing effectiveness.

We also understand there are only two ways to train more clients: train more clients in an hour yourself and/or have other coaches that work for you. Assuming we are working at our self-defined capacity, how do we utilize our new knowledge and create functionally driven solutions in a scalable manner? That is, how can you be certain a client that you personally did not work with today received the same level of training that you would have delivered?

The answer is simply programming and people. Programming for function requires a knowledge base, but just as importantly requires a system. Ultimately people (coaches) will be implementing these programs, which is why a flexible system must serve to enhance what they know and allow changes to be made through real time observation.

Having a well thought out game plan along with knowledgeable coaches becomes the key to creating and scaling functionally driven solutions for all your clients.

Read more below about our upcoming event, where we will be teaching other professionals how to do just that.

T4TG is a nationally recognized elite rehab, sports performance, and overall fitness facility. In a highly anticipated three-day event, Train 4 The Game is opening the doors to its facility to allow fitness and rehab professionals to experience for themselves the amazing benefits of the T4TG approach.

Join T4TG’s Academy – Level 1 as the Team of elite coaches demonstrates how to incorporate revolutionary training philosophies and techniques into your fitness or therapy program.

Everyone trains for their own game—from high-level and recreational sports to the game of life—seeking to look, feel and perform better in his or her own walk of life. Build and enhance your training programs with techniques that enable the body to move more efficiently, powerfully and pain-free during activities performed in both sports and everyday life. Discover how the T4TG system of training principles, strategies and techniques are applied to achieve results, such as:

  • Greater overall fitness and vitality
  • Highly effective rehabilitation
  • Superior sports performance

Designed for trainers, physical therapists, and coaches who want to apply T4TG’s ground breaking training techniques to their fitness and therapy programs, this event will include three days of dynamic lectures and practical sessions presented by the T4TG Team. Highlighting the elements of 3D function and demonstrating effective movement techniques and exercises, you will come away with the knowledge and tools to create custom programs that address the true-to-life needs of your clients, patients, and athletes.

Introduction to 3 Dimensional (3D) function

3D function is the foundation of all movement. Life happens in 3D! Why not train in 3D? 3D refers to the fact that all of our muscles, bones and nerves (NeuroMusculoSkeletal system) are designed to move and react in three planes of motion—forward and backward (sagittal plane), side-to-side (frontal plane), and rotationally (transverse plane). Train 4 The Game enhances training by creating fitness programs that are grounded in the truths of human movement—addressing real-life needs with real-life training. For athletes to achieve their full potential, they must be able to meet the movement demands of the sport that they play. For example, for a sufferer of low back pain to regain optimal function, he or she must improve his or her body’s ability to move properly in everyday activities. Key topics in 3D function will include:

  • Principles of Function – In this section, you will learn the significance of gravity, ground reaction force mass and momentum.
  • You will learn training techniques that optimize the body’s ability to transmit these forces in the most efficient, effective and consequently the most powerful manner possible.

Transformational Zones

Transformational Zones (TZ) are essentially moments in time where movement changes direction. These occur when the body transfers its muscular loading to muscular exploding, and is dependent on the body’s utilization of “celeration”—both the decelerative and accelerative component. For example, swinging a baseball bat requires loading to prepare for the swing, exploding during the swing, and then loading to slow down the force of the swing. In this section, you will learn how to identify and analyze Transformational Zones, how to better understand the TZs of your athletes, and techniques for training the body to powerfully and efficiently transfer muscular loading to muscular exploding.

Movement Evaluation

All movements—from walking to top-ten highlights—are chain reactions that take place within the body. Understanding task demands, effectively training and rehabilitating towards those demands dictate that a thorough evaluation be completed to identify any limiting factors that may exist. In this section, you will learn how to analyze the movement of your clients in their given activities, and how this information is used to train and retrain the body to move properly. You will learn to identify causes and compensations in order to create programs to eliminate/prevent:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Patella Femoral Syndrome
  • ACL Tear
  • Low Back Pain
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Tennis Elbow

Locomotion and Movement Acquisition

There is an efficient and effective pattern to all movement that the human body is designed to follow. The Train 4 the Game Mentorship Program will teach you how to utilize the principles of Locomotion and Movement Acquisition to train and re-train the body to understand and implement efficient motor programs automatically.

Key topics in Locomotion and Movement Acquisition will include:

Locomotor Pathways – Locomotion is moving the body from point A to point B. Which locomotor pathway the athlete chooses depends on the task at hand and the barriers within the environment. These pathways are built on the foundational movements which are sequenced to create patterns. These patterns have to be coordinated before agility can be trained. Once the athlete has a wide range of coordinated locomotor pathways to utilize, they can then be called upon subconsciously based upon what the game or life dictates.

Movement Categories – The foundational movements of human function can be divided into 5 basic categories. These categories encompass the foundational movements that must be established and enhanced in order to expand an individuals abilities.

Exercise Prescription and Analysis

For an athlete to have speed, power and agility, he or she must first be able to move efficiently in three planes of motion. The T4TG Mentorship will provide you with the knowledge and tools to evaluate your clients, players, or patients’ limiting factors and prescribe an infinite number of exercises that allow them to control and enhance their movements, pain-free and in 3D. Come away with the skills to enhance your training and therapy services with custom programs that train the body to subconsciously function efficiently and effectively.

Key topics in Exercise and Prescription Analysis will include:

Utilizing a Spherical Model for Training Movement:


  • Understanding the role and how to properly create mobility in the foot/ankle complex.
  • Unleashing the power of the hips by a 3 dimensional mobilization system.
  • Creating a powerful trunk and core through thoracic spine mobility.


  • Discovering athleticism by coordinating and programming various movement patterns.
  • Training Agility by allowing the athlete to authentically function using subconscious abilities.
  • Learning and implementing the Vertical Core Training System.


  • Creating clean and powerful Movement through loaded movement training
  • Utilizing conventional Load training to build athletic qualities.

Movement Enhancements

There are an infinite number of ways to move. In order to perfect a sport skill or accomplish a movement task, motion can be tweaked to meet the needs of the individual performing it as well as the task. In this section, learn how to break down movements and change them with custom exercises created by you.

The Business of Training

In this section of the Train 4 The Game Mentorship Program you will learn from our 14 years of experience operating in various economic climates. Learn and implement the strategies that we utilize to ensure that our business remains profitable and able to continue to serve those in our community.