Josh Ryan

  • B.S. - Kinesiology
    (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • 20 Years with T4TG
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About Josh Ryan

Josh started his mentorship as a future coach during his under- graduate work at the University of Texas, namely his time spent with the University of Texas men’s and women’s basketball programs under the supervision of the strength and conditioning coach, Todd Wright. During his time their, he worked with the likes of Kevin Durant & LaMarcus Aldridge, and helped see the horns make it as deep as the Elite 8 in postseason play. He has a background in competing in most sports, but the favorites are soccer, golf, basketball, and volleyball. He also has a long background in helping attain your fitness goals of losing weight and body fat, and gaining muscle. Or, if you happen to have an injury or ailment, chances are he has see it in his 11 years in the business, and helped deliver a successful strategic plan in relieving the pain.

For your training needs and wants, Josh uses a comprehensive approach to the body. With each step, jump, or leap, the body is capable of masterfully and efficiently moving. The strategy for your time in the gym is to allow your body as a “complete system” to adapt, develop, and eventually maintain your efforts. The plan for you is to get you there the best, fastest, and safest way possible, utilizing every possible advantage within your own body and driving success from every source.