Jessica Vaiana

  • B.S. - Biology & Kinesiology
    (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • M.Ed. - Exercise Physiology
    (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • 18 Years with T4TG
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About Jessica Vaiana

Upon graduating for the first time from the University Texas and on her way to medical school, Jessica accepted an invitation from Logan Schwartz, currently assistant strength and conditioning coach for University of Texas men’s basketball, to intern at Train 4 The Game. From the beginning Jessica could tell that Train 4 The Game was something special. The training system, the atmosphere, the team, all aspects were unique and inspiring. Although she had always envisioned herself as a doctor, she began to realize that all she really wanted was to help people feel their absolute best. In May of 2007, she decided to forgo medical school and accepted a position as a T4TG performance coach.

Jessica holds a Master’s of Education degree from the University of Texas in Exercise Physiology with a focus on Sports Science and Nutrition as well as Sports Psychology. She is a certified personal trainer and a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Developed by world-renowned physical therapist, Gary Gray, she has become an expert of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute). Jessica has also spent extensive time studying under University of Texas strength and conditioning coach Todd Wright, who has developed a training system that seamlessly meshes conventional training methodology with the principles of functional human movement.

To provide her clients with the highest quality training available Jessica is dedicated to continuously expanding her knowledge of all aspects incorporated within the T4TG system. She has coached offensive lineman from the University of Texas, professional volleyball players, college basketball players and some of the top high school football prospects in the state of Texas. Her desire to learn, combined with her experience as a life-long athlete and her understanding of how the body works in sport as well as in everyday life, has prepared Jessica to work with athletes and clients from every background.

As a coach with a background in sports psychology, Jessica strives to not only improve the physical well-being of her athletes, but their mental well-being as well. She believes a self-confident, mentally strong athlete is a complete athlete. Jessica wants nothing more than for her athletes and clients to walk out of their training sessions energized, confident, and ready to take on their competition no matter what that entails.