Sam Elingher3D Performance

The Goal

  • Restore injured hip (avulsion fracture)
  • Elevate athleticism to prepare for elite level college recruiting
  • Help Westlake Football get back on top

The Story

Sam started at T4TG as a 14 year-old quarterback with plenty of skill and promise but with an injured body. He came to T4TG to restore his hip (recovering from an avulsion fracture) and take his game to the next level with improved athleticism. His focus being to increase power, develop quicker feet, and strengthen his core as well as his throwing motion.

The Plan

  • Increase mobility and strengthen tissues surrounding pelvis/hips
  • Enhance Thoracic Spine and Scapular (shoulder) mobility
  • Strengthen all tissues of the trunk and shoulder girdle

The first priority with Sam was getting his body healthy and setting it up for success. This was initially accomplished with a restoration strategy to mobilize and strengthen all the tissues surrounding his hips. If Sam were able to get his hips to move well in all three planes of motion as they were designed to, many of his other limiting factors (restricted Thoracic Spine mobility, tight throwing shoulder) would be more easily addressed.

Once his body was ready and able to move the way he needed it to, we were able to develop a performance training plan that addressed all Sam’s needs and goals. His program was a mixture of quarterback specific core training, loaded movement training, traditional lifting patterns, position-specific footwork, and continued soft tissue mobility work.

The Implementation

  • Train 5 days/wk with 2 built in rest days
  • 2 days focused on Loaded Movement Training and conventional lifting
  • 2 days focused on Unloaded Movement Training (footwork, agility, functional conditioning).
  • 1 day fusing both Loaded and Unloaded Movement Training
  • Full integration of 3D flexibility and mobility exercises each day

All training days included Vertical Core Training, footwork training, thoracic spine mobility, hip mobility and some form of short burst, high intensity cardio intervals to close the workout.

The Results

Sam started every game at quarterback for the Westlake High School varsity football team as a sophomore. He began the season healthy and with continued maintenance was able to endure the physical demands that are placed on all players’ bodies during the season.

“Training at Train 4 the Game has helped me become stronger, quicker, faster and a lot more flexible. I know my training there has helped me avoid injury while helping me gain the strength and speed I need to be a dominate dual threat quarterback. My footwork, balance, endurance and functional strength has gotten so much better and continues to improve the more I train.

As I continue to go to T4TG my body feels better and better. I know T4TG will help me become the athlete I want to be while giving me the best possible chance to be injury free. I trust T4TG. I have to put in the work, but Train 4 The Game has the plan and the know how to get me where I want to be.” – Sam Ehlinger