Mike Sizemore3D Restoration

The Goal

  • Alleviate severe pain in the low back associated with a bulging disc
  • Engage in a consistent training regime without significant injury set backs
  • Achieve an enhanced level of overall fitness
  • Golf at an elite level without any discomfort or limitations

The Story

Mike arrived at T4TG with a bulging disk creating severe lower back pain and constant sciatic nerve pain down the left side of his leg. This pain was present in all forms of movement and significantly limited him both in his job and activities of daily life. This injury not only prevented him from being able to fully participate in the sport he loved but also began to slowly strip energy from his performance as an executive.

When Mike came to T4TG it was 8 years since he had first injured his lower back.  During those years he struggled to maintain a consistent training routine that would allow him to improve his level of fitness.  This was in large part due to the constant set-backs he experienced every few months following any sustained periods of exercise.

When Mike’s career led him and his family to Austin, one of the very first things on his agenda was coming to Train 4 The Game for a comprehensive Strategy Session and 3D movement evaluation.  Based on the evaluation, an individualized plan was created for Mike to achieve all of his goals.

The Plan

  • Early training focused on 3D Walking patterns challenging the entire body to coordinate pain free movement.
  • Improved restricted areas that were contributing to the lower back pain utilizing the True Stretch and other flexibility based tools
  • Enhanced tissue extensibility using specific exercises to build more pathways of movement success.

Mike’s initial focus was to learn which movements were successful with his body rather then continue to push through the pain he was so accustomed to feeling.  Mike was continually challenged as we continued to enhance those successful movements as part of his overall Restoration Program.

The Implementation

  • Workout 5 days each week while continuing home-workable exercises outside of T4TG
  • 3 days focusing on flexibility and mobility followed by 3D movements to reinforce the newly acquired motion
  • 1 day focusing on assessing known limitations and monitoring improvements
  • 1 day focusing on assessment and movements based on the golf swing

During these workouts Mike continued to see incremental improvements over a 2 month period without flare ups of the sciatic nerve or set backs due to back pain.

The Results

This restorative approach coupled with Mike’s diligent adherence to his daily routine allowed him to return to playing pain free golf for the first time in 20 years.

As time passed Mike transitioned into a stage of balancing his training and golf with everything else his life.  He continues to use restorative strategies specific to him to stay on top of the initial causes of injury.

Mike now is able to participate in a variety of activities as he and his wife Noelle regularly take part in all the various training that Train 4 The Game offers.

The ongoing progression of his training plan and its effective implementation have allowed Mike to enjoy moving in a way he previously thought would no longer be possible.

“I now feel an incredible sense of peace knowing I am on the right path and feel the best I have ever physically felt.”