J.J. Redick3D Performance

The Goal

  • Enhance elements of his game to continue as starter in the NBA.
  • Increase his resiliency to injury during the rigors of an 82 game regular season and well into the playoffs.
  • Develop a daily, individualized movement/pregame routine to stay functioning at an optimum level.

The Story

JJ came to Train 4 The Game wanting to gain an even greater edge on his competition by taking his game to another level. An an elite professional basketball player, he is widely considered one of the best shooters in the world. JJ’s dedication to the sport of basketball and his constant development as an athlete are unsurpassed, as such he is always looking for ways to enhance what he already does. As JJ was introduced to the T4TG training philosophy, he began to realize how this particular method of training would greatly enhance his ability to perform on the court.

The Plan

The strategies utilized for JJ focused on several different aspects relative to his individual needs. These ranged from high intensity basketball specific movements to individualized flexibility/mobility exercises. The overall training plan would allow for an appropriate amount of conventional training necessary for JJ to maintain a competitive body weight. These more conventional means would be expertly blended with both body and sport specific movement programs to keep him functioning at his best. In JJ’s case, specific movements were selected after identifying his underlying structural/functional limitations that began to create issues during long periods of competition. In combination with JJ communicating some of the gaps that existed in his game, an incredibly complete training plan could now be executed.

The Implementation

JJ’s workouts at T4TG were integrated into his overall preparation for the upcoming season. They complimented other forms of workouts such as on-court basketball skill work. During the offseason JJ trained 3-4 days a week with each workout having a specific focus. One day was focused more on loaded movement training to challenge his ability to perform key basketball-specific actions. Another day placed an emphasis on speed/power of movement blended with more traditional strength based exercise. Additionally, each day JJ began by mobilizing his right ankle to allow his hip complex, specifically his groin, to gain extensibility and enhance his ability to move throughout each training session.

The Results

In the 2 previous off-seasons in which JJ trained at T4TG, he entered training camp and the season feeling the most prepared he had ever felt in his career. Moving better, jumping higher and stronger in post defense were just some of the performance benefits that were obtained. This was a result of daily adherence to a specific routine based around his body. It allowed him to become more efficient at the various movements that the sport of basketball demands while staying on top of potential areas of concern.