Jen & Scott Donaldson3D Fitness

The Goal

To get in better shape and get healthy as a couple.

The Story

Scott and Jen started at T4TG two and a half years ago and although they both had backgrounds in sports they felt far removed from those days and weren’t sure if that feeling would ever come back. They both had weight to lose and had tried unsuccessfully in the past to not only get the weight off, but keep it off as well.

The Plan

Based on their Strategy Session and 3D Movement Evaluation, Scott and Jen were given a fitness training blueprint that included:

  • Customized sessions
  • Essentials classes
  • Exercise assignments outside the gym
  • Built in rest days

Scott and Jen jumped right into their training and quickly realized that the variety, the encouraging staff and the success driven environment made them want to keep coming back.

Consistency with their training plans led to early results, which led to a desire to take even more ownership of their transformation. They requested a meeting to develop a detailed nutrition plan for each of them. Their nutrition plans included:

  • DEXA scans to determine body composition
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Educational materials
  • A detailed eating plan

The Implementation

The Donaldsons’ workout regimen alternated weeks:

Train 5 days/wk with 2 days recovery

Train 6 days/wk with 1 day recovery

Their weekly training plan was a combination of small group Customized sessions, large group Essentials sessions, and home based workouts written by T4TG coaches. In order to sustain this schedule rest days were required that involved no exercise except for specific tissue work (stretching and foam rolling).

Following their nutrition plans, they:

  • Removed sugar and all processed foods
  • Added in more vegetables and lean protein
  • Drank at least 3 liters of water per day
  • Timed their meals around their workouts
  • Stayed consistent when eating on the weekends and while traveling

The Results

Scott’s weight loss:  105lbs.
Jen’s weight loss:  30 lbs.

Both Scott and Jen found and continue to find success in regard to their fitness and health. They have both worked hard to get in great shape, have reduced body fat and gained confidence. They now possess the knowledge and the discipline to make good choices concerning their nutrition and have the energy to keep up their efforts.

“Train 4 the Game has provided me with the venue, knowledge, and support to achieve my personal fitness goals.  My initial desire to simply lose weight has expanded into improving my nutrition, flexibility, agility, conditioning, and strength.  Unlike any other gym experience, I enjoy the personal attention and close knit community of Train 4 the Game.  I feel genuinely cared for by the coaches and fellow members who have become friends both inside and outside the facility.  For all of these reasons, I refer to Train 4 the Game as my “third destination” alongside my home and office.” – Scott Donaldson