Al Ranno3D Performance

The Goal

Get in shape for football season to be competitive both on and off the field.

The Story

Al began working out at T4TG in May 2012 when he was 10 years old. He had grown up with a passion for football and wanted to follow his passion onto the field. He had never been part of a structured workout session beyond P.E. at school, but he was ready to work hard to attain his goal.

The Plan

Al started working out in the 3D Performance Training System by attending Athlete Development classes. These classes, designed to help young athletes learn to dominate their space, emphasized 3D strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and mobility.   As a young kid, Al would need to further develop each of these qualities in a coordinated system to make sure he was improving each day.

The Implementation

Al utilized what the Athlete Development classes offered by attending three sessions per week, listening to the coaches, and training hard.

The Results

Since beginning his training at T4TG, Al has seen vast improvement in his performance on and off the football field. He feels strong, is able to move with efficiency, quickness and speed. He is able to execute complex agility drills and has increased his overall work capacity.

In addition to the Athlete Development classes, he has now begun training in the Essentials classes. He continues to experience gains in strength and power, core stability, and movement efficiency. His advice to anyone seeking to make training a part of their life is:

“When I first herd of T4TG, I was uneasy about going, but when I first went, my whole perception of exercise changed. I was able to make a commitment and have still kept it today. The staff at T4TG is great and has helped me excel past my initial expectations!” –Al Ranno