What We Do

STRATEGY – Knowing Where To Go

Your Story

  • Tell us your body’s story
  • Where it’s been and what it’s done
  • How it feels now
  • What you want it to do, feel like, look like
  • And why you want that


PLANNING – Knowing How To Get There

Your Customized Program:

  • Is goal driven to ensure you get where you want to be
  • Is based on a 3D Movement Evaluation used to identify where you are today
  • Is built to account for where your body currently is while constantly progressing towards where you want to be.

IMPLEMENTATION – Knowing your goals and expectations can change over time or in an instant.

Great Coaching


Providing you with the knowledge and tools to educate you about your body:

  • How it is put together
  • What makes it work optimally
  • What nourishes it
  • What Makes it feel Better

Everything you need to take care of yourself inside and outside of T4TG

Why It Works