Dave Martin

Head Coach
  • B.S. - Kinesiology
    (The University of Waterloo)
  • M.Ed. - Exercise Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition
    (The University of Texas at Austin)
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About Dave Martin

Dave began his journey into training and coaching while completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. During this time he was introduced to Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute with Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio serving as his teachers and mentors. In the years to follow Dave attended several of the Gray Institute’s Chain Reaction Seminars across the country to gain more insight into the complexity of human movement.  Furthermore he began to work as a trainer at Columbia Lake Health Club where he began to implement his understanding with a wide array of clientele.

After completing his Kinesiology degree in 2011, Dave had the opportunity to move to Austin, TX and intern for the University of Texas men’s basketball program under the guidance of Strength and Conditioning Coach Todd Wright and his assistant Logan Schwartz. This allowed him the unique chance to gain invaluable experience working with both current and former Texas Longhorn basketball players.  Under Coach Wright and Coach Schwartz, Dave’s understanding of Applied Function Science and its application in a training setting was significantly enhanced and has established a path for his continued education.  He is constantly learning from the best educators in the world through educational books, live seminars, online certification programs and personal correspondence.

Alongside his experience with the UT Men’s Basketball Program, Dave also attended graduate school at The University of Texas.  In May 2014 he completed his Masters of Education in Kinesiology – Sports Science and Nutrition.  He has also obtained significant certifications in the field of training including the highly regarded Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Dave has always had a passion for movement, having constantly participated in a large number of sports during his lifetime. He has competed at various levels in sports such as basketball, football, rugby, tennis, hockey and golf. After receiving recognition as the top graduating athlete at his High School, Sir John A. McDonald, he went on to play Collegiate Rugby at the University of Waterloo.

Through years of learning the fundamental truths of human function he strives to provide the best possible training to every individual he has the opportunity to coach. This passion and drive has led Dave to work at the world class facility of Train 4 The Game.  At T4TG, Dave is a part of a team and culture focused on providing the most optimal service to any individual based upon their own unique body, personal goals and what they love to do.  Dave’s goal is to constantly educate and position everyone at Train 4 The Game for success in both the short and for the rest of their life.